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We are proud to present one of our new line of emotions cone gnomes!

There is love gnome and anger gnome ( available now! )

cheery gnome and sad gnome ( to be released fall 2010)

Cone gnome cares about the earth and is printed with Eco-friendly textile printing onto natural cotton canvas.

appx 7 inches tall

Makes a wonderful inside garden decoration too!





Cirque du Soleil Trapeze Artist To Return To Work is Amazing

Everything in the carnival harms. Everything. Regardless of the possibility that you're the jokester," admitted Bim, a 30-year-old local of São Paulo, Brazil. "I can't portray torment any longer. It's been 10 years of carnival. Cirque du Soleil Tickets." And yet, the smile all over as she discussed her adventures recommended that for her, also the several thousands who have watched her play out this year, the efforts are justified, despite all the trouble.

With regards to carnival appears, Cirque du Soleil is lord, with its crazy aerobatic exhibition, brave human trapeze, and amazingly gifted foot performers.

Cirque du Soleil marketing specialist Nicolas Chabot calls Ovo a rom-com.

One day there's this offbeat blue fly that landed with his enormous egg on his back and sort of upsets the agreement of the state and becomes hopelessly enamored with a woman bug.

Catherine Audy and Alexis Trudel didn't have to address each different as they were practicing their elevated represent Cirque du Soleil's show OVO. Parkour, BMX among acts in newest Cirque du Soleil show. They whirled around each other and flew with very much honed developments. In any case, at that point, Audy missed the rope she was getting for after her performance flight.

Bim is one of the stars of Volta, the high-vitality generation that opens Thursday and goes through the greater part of August under a major best at the Zibi Site. Disney Worlds Cirque du Soleil show ends this December. The show appeared with a 12-week, 116-demonstrate keep running in Montreal's Old Port that finished just before Bim's excursion started.

Best Images About Theater Cirque du Soleil infographic

Best Images About Theater Cirque du Soleil infographic

Cirque du Soleil: Kurios