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Cutesypoo Brand Toys

Cutesypoo Toys are proud to present Musseloom !"

The Musseloom live deep underground in a cavernous world full of glowing fungus and crystal stalagmites. They chase down the fast moving Ci-Ci balls and eat them up.Yum! When they eat one they glow bright for a short whileand sometimes can fire light beams. Musseloom like to be cozy and warm and they especially like friendly hugs.

Musseloom Plush measures approx 10 inches tall and made of super soft velour (by ESC-Toy) and designed by Jayson Thiessen.
This is cutesypoo toys newest designer plush!
There is a limited run of only 600.

Musseloom Plushie

$24.99 US


Sleepy Miss Eggtart

Happy Miss Eggtart

Musseloom Plush

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All Cutesypoo Toys are made by ESC TOYS.


Cutesypoo Toys are distributed by DKE TOYS.