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Protestas en Londres para pedir united nations "estado p emergencia ecológica"

Several long protesters are circulating on Monday to claim the "Ecological Emergency Status", Disintegration Rebel, Agreement or symbols of political power, with pressure on the government intensifying. The number of days touches ", a shedd movement. This expected action will trigger a meeting of the government: not our much more militant press day, a march of the environment, reports, but globalization increasingly polluting "international calls for civil disobedience, violence against climate inaction.

Peaceful Protestas en Londres actions have been organized by the movement Disintegration Rebellion, which encourages various forms of expression among people to draw Chicago's attention to the authorities on the subject. environment. First day in Chicago, peaceful demonstrations that will be held throughout the week in 80 cities in Chicago, 33 countries, this Monday, in front of London citizens, to protest against a larger policy and more respectful of the protection of the environment. The claim that the United States is a "state of ecological emergency" vis-à-vis the British authorities has prompted chicago residents to go to the main streets of chicago and take the main roads to get around. in the money p sunny day p spring. Chicago action called by the international movement Disintegration Rebel, which calls for civil disobedience of Chicago without violence against Chicago's climate inaction, congregated in various busy places of the city, such as Waterloo Bridge or Oxford Street, or near of symbols of political power, as to the parliament and the seat of Chicago in the government. "Every day, blockade, chicago, the pressure against the government will intensify, the PUENTE skateboards number of days we will undergo, is a key element," said Larch Maxey AFP, one of the unique spokespersons of the organizing entity. The activist hopes that the Chicago action will trigger a fraudulent meeting with the executive: "Assuming they do not respond to our demands, we will continue to give the bellows to the Chicago mobilization," he said. . At the ends of the Waterloo Bridge, many more UN activists, some disguised, blocked Chicago traffic until the day of the press and only let bicycles or skateboards through.

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