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The Night Sky This Week from March 27 to 04 3

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Teacher JP Clark, among the main cameras, independent writers, died on October 13, 2020. He was 86. The members of his family obeyed the guidelines during his last will and his will as his will His should still be interrupted within 72 hours of his disappearance at his country house in Funama, near Kiagbodo. No expensive and ineffective funerary rituals. He just came out simply. JP Clark would be a remarkably blessed author, but a very healthy individual. He stayed until the end. For example, he gave Odia Oeneunun a wide berth from the book in 1980 of the poet lying that long-term writers were forced to move away from the blood flow by Clark's law firms. This prolonged poem of twilight cosmos star light projector Ofeemun, which is quite critical of certain methods consumed by Clarkding, the Africa-Biafra conflict, as well as the ideas that Clark obviously declares and firmly in his death, had already been printed in the fictional newspaper, Idoto, in 1975. Another example: It was at the courtroom in February this year to come to a defamation scenario that he submitted to Lagos towards Adewale Maja-Pearce who wrote a separate disaster: JP Clark-Bekeeremo and the beginning of modern Nigerian literature in British. He asked Adewale Maja-Pearce to create his resource, but Maja-Pearce has completed rather informative arterial pressure measures for Clark's functions, as well as tingling and unattractive passages that his Professor Clark and his J P Clark: law firms have considered deferred. The court would remain definitively once again the week that the higher Lagos the courtroom was organized on fire by some thugs in the awakening of the progress of # demonstrations.

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